Planning an Animated Video

First Animated Video

Fullerene with Antibody

Fullerene with Antibody

We’ve met savvy professionals who know a 3D animated video is just what they need to explain a process, showcase product features, etc. Sometimes there is a problem. How, where to begin? There are always questions surrounding animated video productions. Here are some points to consider when beginning such a project.

Planning an animated video

– How will you use the completed animated video? Website, presentation, trade show?
– Identify key concepts, steps in process, etc., that must be included. Make an outline.
– Identify key scenes that occur within that sequence. What visuals are most needed to make your point(s)?
– Identify and collect existing content for use as visuals in the animation, e.g., photos, company, product logo, animations, print material, etc.
– If you don’t have time or personnel to perform the tasks above, hire a consultant or agency to do it for you.

Creating an initial animation audio script

– Talk through the information as though you were giving a presentation. Record the presentation.
– Transcribe the audio. That is your initial audio script.
– Refine the initial audio script. FYI, the average US English speaking rate is approximately 125 – 150 words per minute. Adjust your audio script to fit your desired (We can make general suggestions, but we are not writers. We can suggest experienced professional writers to help write or polish your audio script.)

General information for planning animation:

– The more organized the project, the less time / $ to produce.
– Plan the project so your technical experts and project stakeholders are available to give feedback, approve content, etc in a timely way. We provide an estimate of in-house production time to complete a project and a project. This estimate won’t include client approval time.

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