3D Biological/Scientific Illustration & Animation

Visualizing the invisible. Making the abstract clear


A picture is worth a thousand words in any language. No translation needed.

About AlbrechtGFX:

AlbrechtGFX visuals tell the stories of scientific innovation for biotech companies and the advertising agencies that assist them. We translate scientific, technical content into visuals that make information understood and messages memorable. That is especially valuable when the concepts involved are difficult to explain and / or impossible to view.

It’s said that: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” To that, we add: “In any language. No translation required.” AlbrechtGFX 3D illustrations and animations transcend language barriers and communicate ideas internationally.

AlbrechtGFX creates visuals that match the level of detail / complexity that best fits your audience, e.g., technical vs. non-technical.

All AlbrechtGFX visuals are designed to reflect our clients’ company image, commitment to quality, investment in R & D, and product branding.

AlbrechtGFX clients work directly with an experienced 3D scientific illustrator/animator who can translate technical content into 3D illustrations and animations useful for sales, marketing, public relations and training purposes.

Uses for our 3D illustrations and animations include:

-Technical sales training / selling materials

-Trade show displays

-Product launch materials–illustrations, animations for print, presentations & web use

-Public relations, publications

Contact us regarding custom illustrations, animations or Royalty Free images.

Creative Excellence in Animation, Technical Illustrations, Interactive Multimedia, and Custom Presentations